Every website,every discussion,every interview about Sensory Processing Disorder is an opportunity to answer the question for someone,somewhere,who has been wondering all their life,“What’s wrong with me?”


Getting Relief


I have evolved a complicated routine for “resting.” Exhaustion is a common byproduct of every type of SPD. The past few years,it has followed me like a stealthy phantom,waiting for any opportunity to jump out of the shadows and take over my body.

When I was young I was pretty adept at ignoring and denying exhaustion. I chalked up the horrible days I spent moving through a dark grey fog to depression. Still,I often don’t realize I am exhausted until the pain in my neck and shoulders becomes unbearable.

I eventually did learn that the proper response

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Years ago,the first time I heard about my bizarre sensory symptoms was in something I read about autism. I immediately wondered if I was autistic.

But autism includes:

Difficulty communicating A lack of ability to read social cues Poor eye contact

I communicate just fine when I’m not in a situation that taxes my senses.

I am very sensitive (possibly too sensitive) to social cues.I do feel eye contact to be very intense and I have difficulty maintaining it when I am over-stimulated. But if I am in a situation where communication is required,I naturally seek and


Random Design Flaws?


Symptoms like motion sickness and no sense of direction sound like random design flaws. However,in the context of Sensory Processing Disorder,they fit like pieces in a cognitive puzzle.

My Dyspraxia


Dyspraxia comes in two flavors. I have experience with both:

Physical: If you are graceful,it is because you practiced your moves. You,early on,sucked more than most people at sports. People on the playground made fun of you. You may have to work hard for physical confidence because quite often,when you needed it the most,your body betrayed you.

Mental:You may have a hard time carrying out an unfamiliar plan.

Behind you is most likely a trail of unfinished projects.

If you have accomplished anything substantial,it is because you developed systems for finding and remembering

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Buying the New Prius


Buying Prius 2 is a four part story. It illustrates the light and dark side,maybe even a green,blue and red side,of living inside a “sensational” body. Lightly,I hope,it touches upon sensory over-responsivity,and sensory-based motor disorder.

The moral of the story – if you inhabit a sensational body,venturing outside of routine is a time to take very special care of yourself.

Prius part1 –Dealership


Thursday,my husband Watson and I spent two hours inside a noisy,bustling car dealership. It was the preliminary attempt to replace his 2001 F150 pickup with a Prius. Prius 2 we will call it,since we already own Prius 1.

I couldn’t block out the noise:conversation,traffic and piped-in music which bounced off every surface,but I had my iPhone. My favorite playlist,streaming through ear-buds,neutralized some of the noise. I wore a hat,which I have taken to doing almost all the time now,to shade the direct glare from the fluorescent lights.

One side

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Prius part2 –Leaving Home


I couldn’t navigate successfully into Friday. I forgot key components of my morning ritual. Every time I sat down at my computer I remembered something important and had to get out of my chair. I was in a state of irritable hypo-mania. We still had the car negotiation hanging over us. Watson was desperate to complete the deal since the AC in the pickup bit the dust a few days ago,just as Houston’s little cold snap retreated. Our pea soup air was scheduled to warm into the 80’s.

“Dripping sweat does not make a good impression on my clients,”

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Prius part3 –Navigation


Driving can replenish my energy or deplete it,depending on the circumstances of the trip and the road. On this day,the goddess of the adventure smiled upon me. Navigating Prius 1 through the streets of Houston had the feel of roller-blading or mountain biking;proprioceptive delight flooded my nervous system. I felt up to the challenge of this day. The feeling had eluded me all morning,but I had it now,driving,and the pleasure of having captured it made me smile.

I arrived in the parking lot with ten minutes to spare. How that happened seemed like a

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Prius part4 –Pain and Despair


“That’s it. We got $3K for the pickup. He’s going to put the paperwork together and it’ll be over except for the signing.”

“You’re going to stay there?” I asked in horror. The plan we discussed this morning was he’d leave as soon as the appraiser had seen the truck. We’d complete negotiations over the phone. They would do the paperwork and we’d go back at some future date to sign and pick up Prius 2.

“It’s alright. I have my computer open. No one is bothering me because ‘I’m working.’”

“That’s slick,” I said,“What are you really doing?”

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