Every website,every discussion,every interview about Sensory Processing Disorder is an opportunity to answer the question for someone,somewhere,who has been wondering all their life,“What’s wrong with me?”


Buying the New Prius

Buying Prius 2 is a four part story. It illustrates the light and dark side,maybe even a green,blue and red side, of living inside a “sensational” body. Lightly, I hope,it touches upon sensory over-responsivity,and sensory-based motor disorder.

The moral of the story – if you inhabit a sensational body,venturing outside of routine is a time to take very special care of yourself.

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2 comments to Buying the New Prius

  • Miriam

    An amazing story! Most of us can relate to buying a new car,to the pressure of salesmen and prices,and even having anxiety about such a large purchase. But the added challenge of completing the task in a time frame suitable to your body’s sensory processing needs adds a level of suspense that draws the reader in. Thanks for sharing!

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