Every website,every discussion,every interview about Sensory Processing Disorder is an opportunity to answer the question for someone,somewhere,who has been wondering all their life,“What’s wrong with me?”


Discovering the Moon –the atypical brain


When I was eleven years old,living in Albuquerque,NM,I witnessed a total eclipse of the moon. Let me preface this by saying,the sky in New Mexico is different than anywhere else I’ve been. There is something that goes beyond its cluster of fine qualities;more than just being bluer,having more stars,and a richer palate from which to color its sunsets. It is a sky that inspires art. Nowhere,in my opinion,is there a more perfect place for viewing the moon.

The eclipse occurred just after the full moon rose above the horizon in the

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Tyler Cowen – The Autistic Cognitive Profile


The podcast The Marketplace of Ideas is a very reliable source for innovative thinking. About every fourth show the host,Colin Marshall,interviews someone who shines light in a dark corner,or on something ordinary that yields exciting new information.

In 2009 (08/06/09 to be exact) on the Marketplace of Ideas podcast,Colin Marshall conducted a conversation with Tyler Cowen,professor of economics at George Mason University and founding blogger of Marginal Revolution. They discussed Cowen’s book Create Your Own Economy:The Path to Prosperity in a Disordered World.

I have not read Cowen’s book,so I cannot recommend

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Where am I?



What an odd thing it is to lack a sense that most people take for granted. I can get lost anywhere. When navigating in a new setting,to get back from where I was requires that I memorize a string of left/right directions and/or visual cues. When I am at someone’s house for the first time,I risk horrible embarrassment when they find me wandering the wrong way down the hall,attempting to navigate my return from the bathroom.

I didn’t give this quirk a lot of thought when I was a kid. I just simply believed people when they

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Motion Sickness


As a child,I suffered severe motion sickness. This presented a problem for my mother who was known to wake up any morning and (preschooler in tow) spontaneously drive across the country in her Mercury.

When I was four,Janie discovered Dramamine. Since I couldn’t swallow a pill and chewing it was out of the question,she crushed the vile yellow powder in a spoonful of water. Car loaded with overnight bags and five hundred miles worth of Cokes,Janie stood in front of me with the watery spoonful of Dramamine in one hand and a cookie in the other.

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Self-love vs Self-hatred


I can hardly write about this without disliking myself on a certain level.

All my life I have struggled against the belief that what ails me is a moral/spiritual failure,some complex mixture of the seven deadly sins.

Or an emotional disorder that is within my power to fix,if I would quit hanging on so stubbornly to my self-centered beliefs.

Sometimes I simply feel like a pain in the ass to everyone I interact with. The more closely you have to interact with me,the more of a pain the ass I fear I will become.

My best defense

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My Blanket


For those of you reading about weighted blankets for the first time,professionals suggest twenty minutes under a weighted blanket has a calming effect. It will smooth tangled senses and refresh an overwhelmed mind.

I use mine once or twice for a quick refresher,on a good day. I use it every hour on a bad day. I put a folded pillow case over my eyes and a pillow against each ear to block out light and sound. If I am especially tense or overwhelmed,I include a meditation recording to appease my vitriolic mind. Usually within fifteen minutes I

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Squeezed into Calm


I have heard multiple interviews with Temple Grandin,on NPR,over the years. When she talked about her cattle squeezing machine,I found it interesting on an intellectual plane. It never occurred to me that deep sustained pressure might help me. Mostly because I felt I had very little in common with Grandin;she has autism and I don’t. All I had at the time of listening to those interviews was a smattering of very weird personality quirks.

But when Sharon Heller suggested a weighted blanket in Too Loud,Too Bright,Too Fast,Too Tight,I immediately tried it. Why?

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