Every website,every discussion,every interview about Sensory Processing Disorder is an opportunity to answer the question for someone,somewhere,who has been wondering all their life,“What’s wrong with me?”


My Blanket

For those of you reading about weighted blankets for the first time,professionals suggest twenty minutes under a weighted blanket has a calming effect. It will smooth tangled senses and refresh an overwhelmed mind.

I use mine once or twice for a quick refresher,on a good day.  I use it every hour on a bad day. I put a folded pillow case over my eyes and a pillow against each ear to block out light and sound. If I am especially tense or overwhelmed,I include a meditation recording to appease my vitriolic mind. Usually within fifteen minutes I am hovering comfortably just below consciousness. I like that spot. It’s rejuvenating and inspirational,like dreaming with just one eye closed.

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