Sensory Modulation

Visual System using PostIts

Organization or Obsession?

ShareWhat happens when a person is unable to adequately filter or sort sensory information from her environment? She spends a lot of time feeling threatened. Not emotionally threatened but physically threatened. Her body reacts to sensory input. She can tell herself, “You’re fine, relax.” Other people can tell her. But all the emotional soothing in …

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Sensory Modulation - Exhaustion or Depression

Sensory Modulation Disorder and Depression? Move It! Move It! Move It!

Share“In 1979, I needed to learn more than biology or chemistry or how to deconstruct literature. I needed to learn how to navigate my life as an adult with a sensory modulation and sensory motor disorder.” – Lane “Can you take me to a doctor?” I said into the brown plastic hand piece of my princess …

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Coming Soon! The Sensory-Friendly Section of your Favorite Restaurant

ShareIt feels like we sensory defensive adults only have two options: deal with the crazy overwhelming world the way it is or keep a safe distance away. Imagine there was a restaurant in your neighborhood that had a special spot for sensitive people, a section of the restaurant out of the main traffic area. Imagine it …

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If Sensory Processing Disorder had been in the DSM

ShareHad Sensory Processing Disorder been in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual my life would have changed when I left home to go to college. There, my first act of total independence was to go to the psychology building at the university and ask for help. “Can you please tell me what’s wrong with me?” I …

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Sensory Defensive Nervous System – drawing

Share I created a drawing that illustrates how a person with a “sensory defensive” nervous system may react differently to ordinary stimuli than a person with a “normal” nervous system. Feel free to print it. Sometimes we need a drawing to explain to others what it’s like. Click here to open the printable PDF

Cockroach on the Freeway!

Stimming with Cockroach on Freeway

ShareI caught motion in my peripheral vision – driver’s side window. It was over an inch and a half long, reddish brown. It was in the car with me as I drove 65 mph in the middle of six lanes of freeway traffic. But first… I was driving home from my weekly writer’s critique group. …

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Sensory Processing, Arousal & Rumsfeld

ShareWhen anything moves in the backyard, Rumsfeld, the 75-pound poodle, leaps to attention. His DNA was programmed over eons to be ready at any moment to eat, defend against or have sex with anything that moves. In Rumsfeld’s canine world, motion equals novelty. Novelty creates “arousal,” a power surge in the nervous system. His body …

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Hungry Lizzy

Lane’s Food Sanity Rules

Rule #4: When homicidal rage blurs your vision, ask, “Could you be hungry?”

Watson and I rarely argue. Thirty years of wedded bliss has given us plenty of time to compromise on and respect our differences of preference and opinion.

But neither of us is perfect. Sometimes while feeling around in the gray area for compromise, one of us may stumble upon something unbearable.

Modulation Madness

ShareSmall-scale Modulation Madness Think of what it would be like if every time you wanted to exit the freeway you had to overcome the concrete barrier, crash down the grassy hill, jump the curb and merge with street traffic driving at one third your speed. My guess is you would just keep driving on the …

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ShareIt was a perfect storm first thing in the morning. Gentle rain soothed like a lullaby, gently lapping unconsciousness over my attempt to surface into the day. Just move, I told myself when I next poked my head above dreamy morning sleep. The best I could do was fumble for the stereo remote. Morning Edition …

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