Sensory Modulation

Self-love vs Self-hatred

ShareI can hardly write about this without disliking myself on a certain level. All my life I have struggled against the belief that what ails me is a moral/spiritual failure, some complex mixture of the seven deadly sins. Or an emotional disorder that is within my power to fix, if I would quit hanging on …

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Getting Relief

ShareI have evolved a complicated routine for “resting.” Exhaustion is a common byproduct of every type of SPD. The past few years, it has followed me like a stealthy phantom, waiting for any opportunity to jump out of the shadows and take over my body. When I was young I was pretty adept at ignoring …

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ShareYears ago, the first time I heard about my bizarre sensory symptoms was in something I read about autism. I immediately wondered if I was autistic. But autism includes: Difficulty communicating A lack of ability to read social cues Poor eye contact  I communicate just fine when I’m not in a situation that taxes my …

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