Sensory Processing Disorder

Visual System using PostIts

Organization or Obsession?

ShareWhat happens when a person is unable to adequately filter or sort sensory information from her environment? She spends a lot of time feeling threatened. Not emotionally threatened but physically threatened. Her body reacts to sensory input. She can tell herself, “You’re fine, relax.” Other people can tell her. But all the emotional soothing in …

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If Sensory Processing Disorder had been in the DSM

ShareHad Sensory Processing Disorder been in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual my life would have changed when I left home to go to college. There, my first act of total independence was to go to the psychology building at the university and ask for help. “Can you please tell me what’s wrong with me?” I …

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Cockroach on the Freeway!

Stimming with Cockroach on Freeway

ShareI caught motion in my peripheral vision – driver’s side window. It was over an inch and a half long, reddish brown. It was in the car with me as I drove 65 mph in the middle of six lanes of freeway traffic. But first… I was driving home from my weekly writer’s critique group. …

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