If Sensory Processing Disorder had been in the DSM

ShareHad Sensory Processing Disorder been in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual my life would have changed when I left home to go to college. There, my first act of total independence was to go to the psychology building at the university and ask for help. “Can you please tell me what’s wrong with me?” I …

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Sensory Defensive Nervous System – drawing

Share I created a drawing that illustrates how a person with a “sensory defensive” nervous system may react differently to ordinary stimuli than a person with a “normal” nervous system. Feel free to print it. Sometimes we need a drawing to explain to others what it’s like. Click here to open the printable PDF

Modulation Madness

ShareSmall-scale Modulation Madness Think of what it would be like if every time you wanted to exit the freeway you had to overcome the concrete barrier, crash down the grassy hill, jump the curb and merge with street traffic driving at one third your speed. My guess is you would just keep driving on the …

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ShareIt was a perfect storm first thing in the morning. Gentle rain soothed like a lullaby, gently lapping unconsciousness over my attempt to surface into the day. Just move, I told myself when I next poked my head above dreamy morning sleep. The best I could do was fumble for the stereo remote. Morning Edition …

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Self-love vs Self-hatred

ShareI can hardly write about this without disliking myself on a certain level. All my life I have struggled against the belief that what ails me is a moral/spiritual failure, some complex mixture of the seven deadly sins. Or an emotional disorder that is within my power to fix, if I would quit hanging on …

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Buying the New Prius

ShareBuying Prius 2 is a four part story. It illustrates the light and dark side, maybe even a green, blue and red side, of living inside a “sensational” body. Lightly, I hope, it touches upon sensory over-responsivity, and sensory-based motor disorder. The moral of the story – if you inhabit a sensational body, venturing outside of routine is a time to …

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Prius part2 – Leaving Home

ShareI couldn’t navigate successfully into Friday. I forgot key components of my morning ritual. Every time I sat down at my computer I remembered something important and had to get out of my chair. I was in a state of irritable hypo-mania. We still had the car negotiation hanging over us. Watson was desperate to complete …

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