Celexa vs Wellbutrin

The Transition from Wellbutrin to Celexa for Anxiety

ShareI’m starting a new life today. In my new life, when I wake up at 4 in the morning, I get out of bed, drink a cup of warm soy milk and write down the words that elude me the rest of the hours of the day. I’ve been fighting this new life with its …

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Lane Reads the DSM for Memoir Madness

The Madness Memoir – Adult SPD

ShareSometimes we just have to laugh at ourselves… As an adult with sensory processing disorder, I am contemplating a memoir with each chapter named after a mental illness found in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. Each chapter could highlight a scene or reflection that illustrated how that mental illness manifested in my life. …

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Addiction and Adult SPD – Prelude

ShareSPD?  Addiction? A match cast in my neurons before I was born. Although it has been many years since I imbibed in any recreational drug, including alcohol, I must admit to a somewhat sullied past regarding controlled substances. Please remember, addiction is just a point on a long continuum of when and why a person …

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ShareIt was a perfect storm first thing in the morning. Gentle rain soothed like a lullaby, gently lapping unconsciousness over my attempt to surface into the day. Just move, I told myself when I next poked my head above dreamy morning sleep. The best I could do was fumble for the stereo remote. Morning Edition …

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Prius part3 – Navigation

ShareDriving can replenish my energy or deplete it, depending on the circumstances of the trip and the road. On this day, the goddess of the adventure smiled upon me. Navigating Prius 1 through the streets of Houston had the feel of roller-blading or mountain biking; proprioceptive delight flooded my nervous system. I felt up to …

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Prius part4 – Pain and Despair

Share“That’s it. We got $3K for the pickup. He’s going to put the paperwork together and it’ll be over except for the signing.” “You’re going to stay there?” I asked in horror. The plan we discussed this morning was he’d leave as soon as the appraiser had seen the truck. We’d complete negotiations over the …

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