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Executive Function

SharePeriodically, I lay on my bed, with iPad suspended overhead, and let FB serve up a ridiculously long string of videos. This happened to me…

Adults with SPD are at high risk of developing stress-related disorders

Adults with SPD are at high risk of developing stress-related disorders like Fibromyalgia and Chronic Myofascial Pain

Share Even I was surprised by the ending of this video. It’s one thing to list symptoms and complaints in your head day after day;…

Celexa vs Wellbutrin

The Transition from Wellbutrin to Celexa for Anxiety

ShareI’m starting a new life today. In my new life, when I wake up at 4 in the morning, I get out of bed, drink…

Adult with Sensory Processing Disorder

Understanding the Occupational Therapy Needs of Adults with Sensory Processing Disorder

ShareSPD does not magically disappear with childhood. Problems with sensory processing are commonly found in adults. The American Occupational Therapy Association published an article in…

Visual System using PostIts

Organization or Obsession?

ShareWhat happens when a person is unable to adequately filter or sort sensory information from her environment? She spends a lot of time feeling threatened.…

Sensory Modulation - Exhaustion or Depression

Sensory Modulation Disorder and Depression? Move It! Move It! Move It!

Share“In 1979, I needed to learn more than biology or chemistry or how to deconstruct literature. I needed to learn how to navigate my life as…

Bright Star

Mother of the Bright Star – Movie for a Highly Sensitive Adult

ShareI watched a lovely movie last night, Bright Star, the story of Fanny Brawne’s love affair with the poet John Keats. More than a historical…

Cockroach on the Freeway!

Stimming with Cockroach on Freeway

ShareI caught motion in my peripheral vision – driver’s side window. It was over an inch and a half long, reddish brown. It was in…

New technology for diagnosing Sensory Processing Disorder?

ShareMarketers and scientists love to measure arousal. Arousal – whether Lizzy is alerted or sleeping through a specific environmental cue is a key component of…

Hungry Lizzy

Lane’s Food Sanity Rules

Rule #4: When homicidal rage blurs your vision, ask, “Could you be hungry?”

Watson and I rarely argue. Thirty years of wedded bliss has given us plenty of time to compromise on and respect our differences of preference and opinion.

But neither of us is perfect. Sometimes while feeling around in the gray area for compromise, one of us may stumble upon something unbearable.