hourglass 10 years

What happened?!

What happened in September of 2011 that kept you away from your blog for 10 years? I got very sick and, sadly, I have not…

Addiction and Adult SPD – Prelude

SPD?  Addiction? A match cast in my neurons before I was born. Although it has been many years since I imbibed in any recreational drug,…

Nail Filing Image

Sensory Defensive Nail Trimming – an Adventure in Motherhood

It is for the moms of young SPD children that I write about nail trimming. To anyone who would judge me for writing about such…

Hungry Lizzy

Lane’s Food Sanity Rules

Rule #4: When homicidal rage blurs your vision, ask, “Could you be hungry?”

Watson and I rarely argue. Thirty years of wedded bliss has given us plenty of time to compromise on and respect our differences of preference and opinion.

But neither of us is perfect. Sometimes while feeling around in the gray area for compromise, one of us may stumble upon something unbearable.

Getting Relief

I have evolved a complicated routine for “resting.” Exhaustion is a common byproduct of every type of SPD. The past few years, it has followed…