Getting Relief

I have evolved a complicated routine for “resting.” Exhaustion is a common byproduct of every type of SPD. The past few years, it has followed me like a stealthy phantom, waiting for any opportunity to jump out of the shadows and take over my body.

When I was young I was pretty adept at ignoring and denying exhaustion. I chalked up the horrible days I spent moving through a dark grey fog to depression. Still, I often don’t realize I am exhausted until the pain in my neck and shoulders becomes unbearable.

I eventually did learn that the proper response to exhaustion was not caffeine, but rest.

My resting routines seemed to go better with implements like heating pads and microwavable neck warmers, and very special attention to ergonomically correct position.

To aid in the deep-seated belief that I could cure this horrible dilemma if I would quit hanging on to my destructive beliefs and attain the correct attitude, I incorporated meditation recordings.

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