Every website,every discussion,every interview about Sensory Processing Disorder is an opportunity to answer the question for someone,somewhere,who has been wondering all their life,“What’s wrong with me?”


Organization or Obsession?

Visual System using PostIts


What happens when a person is unable to adequately filter or sort sensory information from her environment?

She spends a lot of time feeling threatened.

Not emotionally threatened but physically threatened. Her body reacts to sensory input. She can tell herself,“You’re fine,relax.” Other people can tell her. But all the emotional soothing in the world can’t change the fact that,when she is in a sensory intense environment,stress hormones are being released into her bloodstream and her central nervous system is reacting. She is growing increasingly more uncomfortable and if she doesn’t control her exposure she is

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Sensory Modulation Disorder and Depression? Move It! Move It! Move It!

Sensory Modulation - Exhaustion or Depression


“In 1979,I needed to learn more than biology or chemistry or how to deconstruct literature. I needed to learn how to navigate my life as an adult with a sensory modulation and sensory motor disorder.” –Lane

“Can you take me to a doctor?” I said into the brown plastic hand piece of my princess phone. “I’m losing my mind.”

I set the receiver into the base as gently as I could. If I wasn’t careful the ringer made a startled sound,like I had hurt it.

I sat on the sofa too weak and demoralized to do anything

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Lost 2 –Dead Reckoning


Orienting ourselves in space is one of the most complex activities our brains perform. It relies on a myriad of cognitive functions. Different individuals rely on different mechanisms to perform this challenging feat,everything from observation and memorization to intuition. If you have no “intuition” for it,you must rely on complex cognitive functions to create maps in your mind. For the sensational,it can be quite a challenge.

It is the “intuition” that I find most interesting. “A sense of direction” is the primitive orientation mechanism known as “dead reckoning.” Some people have it and some don’t. And science

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Where am I?



What an odd thing it is to lack a sense that most people take for granted. I can get lost anywhere. When navigating in a new setting,to get back from where I was requires that I memorize a string of left/right directions and/or visual cues. When I am at someone’s house for the first time,I risk horrible embarrassment when they find me wandering the wrong way down the hall,attempting to navigate my return from the bathroom.

I didn’t give this quirk a lot of thought when I was a kid. I just simply believed people when they

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Motion Sickness


As a child,I suffered severe motion sickness. This presented a problem for my mother who was known to wake up any morning and (preschooler in tow) spontaneously drive across the country in her Mercury.

When I was four,Janie discovered Dramamine. Since I couldn’t swallow a pill and chewing it was out of the question,she crushed the vile yellow powder in a spoonful of water. Car loaded with overnight bags and five hundred miles worth of Cokes,Janie stood in front of me with the watery spoonful of Dramamine in one hand and a cookie in the other.

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Random Design Flaws?


Symptoms like motion sickness and no sense of direction sound like random design flaws. However,in the context of Sensory Processing Disorder,they fit like pieces in a cognitive puzzle.

My Dyspraxia


Dyspraxia comes in two flavors. I have experience with both:

Physical: If you are graceful,it is because you practiced your moves. You,early on,sucked more than most people at sports. People on the playground made fun of you. You may have to work hard for physical confidence because quite often,when you needed it the most,your body betrayed you.

Mental:You may have a hard time carrying out an unfamiliar plan.

Behind you is most likely a trail of unfinished projects.

If you have accomplished anything substantial,it is because you developed systems for finding and remembering

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