Buying the New Prius

Buying Prius 2 is a four part story. It illustrates the light and dark side, maybe even a green, blue and red side, of living inside a “sensational” body. Lightly, I hope, it touches upon sensory over-responsivity, and sensory-based motor disorder.

The moral of the story – if you inhabit a sensational body, venturing outside of routine is a time to take very special care of yourself.

2 Replies to “Buying the New Prius”

  1. An amazing story! Most of us can relate to buying a new car, to the pressure of salesmen and prices, and even having anxiety about such a large purchase. But the added challenge of completing the task in a time frame suitable to your body’s sensory processing needs adds a level of suspense that draws the reader in. Thanks for sharing!

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